DIY Your Way to an Energy-Efficient Home.

GoGreen Home lets you self-install select energy efficiency upgrades. Your lender will guide you through the DIY process and details of eligible project expenses.

Check out energy efficient upgrades eligible for self-install on the EEEMs list.

  • Air purifier/cleaner

    Energy Star® certified air purifier or cleaner.
  • Clothes dryer

    Energy Star® certified ventless or vented electric clothes dryer.
  • Clothes washer

    Energy Star® certified ventless or vented electric clothes washer.
  • Dishwasher

    Energy Star® certified dishwasher using electric or gas water heater for water source.
  • Freezer

    Energy Star® certified freezer.
  • LED lighting

    Energy Star® certified fixtures and light bulbs; LED tape lightning.
  • Oven

    Energy Star® certified electric convection oven, either as a standalone unit or part of a range.
  • Pool products

    Title 24 compliant, efficient variable-speed pool pumps and motors.
  • Refrigerator

    Primary refrigerator only and Energy Star® certified.
  • Shower thermostatic valve

    Shower thermostatic shut-off valve that meets or exceeds Title 20 code requirements using electric or gas water heater providing source of heating for water.
  • Smart thermostat

    Must allow for remote programming and two-way internet communication of temperatures and data.
  • Window coverings (interior)

    Must be installed in conditioned space and cover entire window opening. See EEEMs list for further specifications.

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